I’ve been playing around with this and think it could potentially be a useful tool for us, as it allows up to 10 people to video conference (able to see all screens i think? - need to test this). The integration with Google Docs could be another plus. Suggest we have a play around when we David gets back at the end of July, see what we all think?

Student engagement through improvisation/webisodes

Really like the approach taken here (improvisation) and it could work well in terms of getting the students to really engage with one another: __
I first thought about this as a collaboration with UNITEC only which would make it relatively straightforward in that students could pair up, e.g. UK students shoot 2 minutes, send to NZ who shoot 2 minutes in response, and so on (maybe 4 mobisodes each?).
Timing would be tight and they would need to shoot/edit quickly in order to send to another group to film their response (and so on), which may mean that they wouldn’t have so much time to hone their technical skills, but it could be a very interesting approach.
If we implemented it in this project we could perhaps do it across the 5 institutions, but i guess there may be issues in terms of (mismatch) in student numbers etc.
Anyway, it’s a thought/suggestion!
Like this idea! (Ilona)
+1 (MC)

Project hashtag

- helps to aggregate content from across the web, but also could help the students see themselves as part of this international community maybe use a name for project that has the words INTERNATIONAL and COLLABORATIVE in the title (RB)
How about #iColab11 ?
I like #iCollab11 - let’s use it (Ilona)
Also a logo would help to create awareness for the project and a sense of belonging for those partcipating - maybe we could ask students to come up with some creative ideas?
Great. I like #iColab11 or is it #iCollab11? (MC) Let’s go with #iCollab11

Community curation activities

- e.g. Flickr group, each student uploads 1 image that they feels best represents them and adds a short intro/bio. Also community playlist e.g. Spotify? Soundcloud? LastFM - each student adds 2 tunes to the mix.

Good idea!

Tool collection/repository

- think it would be value added to students and us lectures to create a common repository of recommended mobile web tools - possibly with all participants rating and commenting on if and how they use them, what they think of them etc. We could set a wiki for this - @Tom - could we set up a new mediawiki on the unitec ltxserver for this?
Having database issues with mediawiki - how about using
__ try joining and editing this wiki page.


Using QR codes

to easily create treasure hunts. I’ve tried this tool and it works a lot. From my experience with students, the creation of Treasure Hunts is sth they like a lot. I think we could make use of this possibility that mobile technology provides us with. You can have a look at:



- we could create a group blog with access for every studentanize it in a magazine style with different topics etc., where each week the highlight (short blogposts) would be posted. This would provide a space for everyone to meet/read/write and share the best stories/insights from each week. We could use wordpress/buddy press to do this/IB