#icollab11 Participant Introductions YouTube playlist:


Please create a 30 second YouTube introduction and share the video by pasting the URL into a Twitter message including the project hashtag #icollab11

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1. Unitec New Zealand:
Bachelor of Architecture 3rd year elective students + 2-3 lecturers and technology steward (Thom). Students investigating a variety of mobile web 2.0 tools, supplied with iPhone4 and iPad2 each. (If iPad2 ever arrive, grrr) Thom Cochrane (thomcochrane@gmail.com, @thomcochrane), Video Intro __http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28LbeFgu--A__, David Rhodes (anrkeytek@gmail.com, @anrkeytek)
Thom Cochrane
Academic Advisor (elearning & Learning Technologies)
x 8387
021 607883
SKYPE: thomcochrane

David Rhodes
Lecturer in New Media & Realisation Lab Manager | Department of Architecture | UNITEC | Auckland | NZ
Mob: +64 21 713 033 | Fax: +64 9 815 0297 | Ph: +64 9 815 4321x 7165

2. Sheffield Hallam Uni:

Roger Bateman (rbatemanr@gmail.com, @rbateman) and Bachelor Furniture and Product Design students. Student owned mobile devices & laptops. All 1st year students to join the project - These students will be working on the project over the summer and during their first module in the second year (September). Video introduction: __http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i44zzl5EhRo&feature=feedu__
Roger Bateman MA RCA. BA(Hons). MDINZ
Senior Lecturer in Design,
Researcher - Art & Design Research Centre
Faculty of Arts, Computing, Engineering and Sciences
Sheffield Hallam University
T +44(0)114 2252631
M +44(0)7795 026824

3. Salford Uni:

Helen Keegan (helerama@gmail.com, @heloukee) and MSc Audio Production students. Student owned mobile devices and laptops (even desktops in some cases ;). Have submitted app for internal funding for purchase of 10 iPads, unlikely to be approved but fingers crossed!
Will be working with the students from last week Sept - second week in December 2011.
Helen Keegan
SKYPE: Heloukee
Senior Lecturer - Interactive Media and Social Technologies
Programme Leader - BSc Professional Sound and Video Technology (Top-up)
Computing, Acoustics and Future Media
School of Computing, Science and Engineering
106 Newton Building
University of Salford, UK
M5 4WT


4. Uni of Tarragona

Mar Camacho (mar.camacho@gmail.com, @marett) and School of Education students? Student owned mobile devices? Video Introduction: __http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jq9nYpbNx8g__
Dra. Mar Camacho Martí
Universitat Rovira i Virgili
Departament de Pedagogia 3#07
Carretera de Valls s/n, 43007
Tarragona, Catalunya.
Telf. 977 55 80 93
Fax 977 55 80 78

5. Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin

Ilona Buchem (buchem@beuth-hochschule.de, @mediendidaktik, ibuchem@gmail.com) Bachelor and Master Students, student owned devices, winter semester 2011/2012 (Oct-Feb). Video introduction: __http://youtu.be/NK3P3pcaq6s__
Dr. Ilona Buchem
Senior Researcher/Wiss. Mitarbeiterin
Beuth University of Applied Sciences/
Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin
Haus Gauss/Room 243
Luxemburger Str. 10
D-13353 Berlin
TEL: 0049-30-45045243
SKYPE: Ilona.tfh

6. AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand

Averill Gordon
Senior Lecturer, School of Communication Studies
+64 9 921 9999 x 6492

Senior lecturer in public relations. The participating 24 students - third year students graduating in November - are studying Knowledge Management looking out how information is gathered and travels to knowledge and finally becomes wisdom. These students will be exploring other students attitudes about the Rugby World Cup which is taking NZ by storm. These students will be working in teams on the project over September and October and most will be using smart phones and communicating largely through twitter. Video introduction is coming shortly!